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Das neue Schreckgespenst gegen stillende Mütter

Die langjährige Impfaufklärerin Angelika Müller kommt in ihrer Studie über die Rotavirus-Impfung zu einem erschreckenden Ergebnis: Sie ist nicht nur teuer, ist nicht wissenschaftlich begründet, ist nicht placebo-kontrolliert – sie ist neben der Nutzlosigkeit auch noch schädlich!
Foto: impf-report, mit freundlicher Genehmigung.
Foto: impf-report, mit freundlicher Genehmigung.

07.07.2023, Candace Owens: A Shot in the Dark Episode 6: Rotavirus The chances are great that you have never known someone who has died from childhood diarrhea. Why do infants have to get the rotavirus vaccine? Candace explores why this vaccine has become so prevalent despite its adverse events including death and provides information when deciding if you should give it to your child.

04.02.2023: Dr Sam Bailey: Pharmaceutical Fraud and the Discovery of “Rotavirus”
The subtitle of our book Virus Mania is “How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense” and in Chapter 9 of the book we mentioned the scandalous introduction of the rotavirus vaccines in the 1990s. The Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) have since completed a more extensive investigation into this topic and published an essay “The Childhood Vaccination Schedule – Part Two: The Rotavirus Vaccines”. This video is a modified version of the full essay and links to all the references can be found on the HFDF website. Look no further than the story of rotavirus for an example of how a virus is invented out of thin air and claimed to be causing a specific disease, never mind that the alleged virus only “infects” compromised individuals. The medico-pharmaceutical industry then offers its “solution” with vaccines, while the real causes of illness and the simple ways to remedy them are ignored. The pharmaceutical industry and their friends that peddle these products benefit through a recurring business model and the jackpot is the childhood vaccination schedule. Through persistent and unwarranted fear narratives, parents are pressured into allowing their children to be subjected to unnecessary and dangerous concoctions such as rotavirus vaccines. It all hinges on another concoction: the story that ‘germs’ are out to get us… The Health Freedom Defense Fund stands for freedom, choice, and the most basic of human rights, bodily autonomy. In addition to supporting numerous legal challenges against COVID mandates, the HFDF team have produced numerous essays exposing corruption in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I have previously produced video versions of two other HFDF essays: “The Story of Pfizer Inc. – A Case Study in Pharmaceutical Empire and Corporate Corruption” and “Italy 2020 – The Preposterous Pandemic”. References: The Childhood Vaccination Schedule – Part Two: The Rotavirus Vaccines – HFDF Team, October 2023.  

Lies hier einen erschreckenden Beispielfall einer Mutter, die dem Arzt vertraut hatte und ihrem Sohn die schreckliche Rotavirus-Impfung geben ließ!
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