Even Queen Elizabeth II attended a G7 meeting & dinner with dozens of delegates newly arrived into U.K. At 94 years …

Even Queen Elizabeth II attended a G7 meeting & dinner with dozens of delegates newly arrived into U.K. At 94 years of age, she would statistically have been at notably elevated risk of serious illness and death if she’d acquired the alleged virus.

I am not seeking to persuade anyone to alter their public position but I do want to make clear mine.

Perpetuating the scary virus narrative in the face of this much evidence is inadvertently aiding the perpetrators.

I wasn’t on the ground, so I’m not saying there weren’t local medical events that were most unusual. I am saying that such local events were not representative at all of the wider situation, which was of a deeply evil, highly planned event incorporating unprecedented military grade psychological operations by governments against their own citizens, accompanied by changes to treatment protocols that led to mass deaths. Knowingly meaningless PCR-based “diagnostic” methods were an important part of the deception.

This evidently is not only about injuring & killing people. There’s much evidence of coordinated damage to the economies and financial systems including the sovereign currencies of numerous countries and regions.

There’s been much talk of digital IDs & CBDCs almost everywhere, neither of which have a conceivable purpose other than as a control system. Changes in property rights laws have recently emerged in “The Great Taking”.

We should anticipate further “emergencies”. Some might be real, others mere propaganda, but still effective in driving behaviours.

I note with great concern that there have been announcements about factories to manufacture very large amounts of so-called mRNA vaccines all around the world. Several government have said that they’ve already agreed terms to acquire sufficient doses to inject every citizen a further ten times. Given all mRNA-based preparations will be toxic, it doesn’t take much imagination to evaluate what the intended end game of the perpetrators is.

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9-minute presentation I gave at the Christine Anderson and Eva Vlaardingerbroek “Make It Your Business” event in Ottawa on November 29, 2023

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