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Teil 13 von 14Having information is the key to being able to use that information protectively and p…

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Having information is the key to being able to use that information protectively and productively. As it happens, Natural Solutions Foundation is launching a brand new service, allowing providers of healthy goods and services to let others know about them – creating a Healthy Living eMall, if you like. What a good time to learn about healthy options! Watch for it soon:

And don’t forget the wonderful supply of organic supplements and supplies available on our other website,

If you are a merchant of healthy services and products, list them on our new MarketPlace, If you are not, buy these products and use them heavily.

And if you are a freedom lover, and love life as well, donate NOW to keep Natural Solutions Foundation up and running. Your recurring donations qualify you for membership in the new Health Freedom Heroes. Click here – now to make that tax deductible donation.

“But I already gave to the Natural Solutions Foundation!” you might say. Thank you! BUT now think seriously about giving again AND getting your community and contacts involved, too. It’s their life as well as yours, you know.

Our decision-makers may not know, may not care or may believe that they can weather the man-made storm below ground in vast bunkers and , who knows? Maybe they can. That is not the point. The point is your life and the lives of your loved ones which are potentially at stake in a game of geopolitical chicken. The one whose population is decimated first loses.

For Whom are You Fighting?

I have a 33 year old son who has a life in front of him. I love him so I am fighting for him and his unborn child as well as for you. For whom are you fighting? What is your life worth? What is theirs worth?

Time? Become an organizer in your own community. Contact and let her know where you live, who you are and shat you plan to

Money? Give generously – – to make sure there is someone there fighting for you.

Creativity? Send us your health freedom art and we’ll post it on ” The Art of Health Freedom ” –

Skills? If you are a PR person, or a web designer or an organic farmer, or a researcher or a secretary, or a lawyer, or whatever, we need your skills urgently. We need to be an army of highly skilled and organized capacity self-organizing in the face of little money.

We are all in this together or we are in our US-Government issue, regulation one-size fits all impermeable, plasticsnap top, 100 year guaranteed coffins.

It’s your choice.

Oh, one more thing: if you think, as I did intially, “Nah! Those are just tubs, not coffins, check out this link (

I have taken the unusual step of sending out our information for you to use and disseminate an unprecidented third time (see below). The reason is that it is of unprecedented importance and we are all so busy that we read and delete before disseminating a great deal of information. This is much too important information to lose it in cyberspace!

I urge you to share this information with everyone you know.


Update #3 – State Emergency Powers – July 29, 2008
– Model State Emergency Powers Act

There are two things you can do RIGHT NOW to help:

1. Please join our Health Freedom eAlert system to receive urgent updates on this important issue:

2. Please make your generous tax-deductible donation to help us continue to spread this urgent message:
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