Tuesday, 27 December 2022As Florida criminal investigation starts, the Fauci of Germany declares covid over Christian Dr…

Tuesday, 27 December 2022
As Florida criminal investigation starts, the Fauci of Germany declares covid over

Christian Drosten has suddenly declared the covid pandemic over. Why?


A factor may be not just that only 14% of the Germans took the booster,but also the legal cases over the jab injuries and the Florida grand jury.

The opioid lawsuits were civil cases. Florida s Supreme Court has started a criminal investigation. That means the possibility of jail time,and even the death penalty, for Albert Bourla and Stephen Bancelle as well as Bill Gates and, yes, Fauci.

Vital is the political backing for convictions. It is there. A tough line on the covid crimes is a vote winner.

Together with vote winning jail sentences, will come trillions of dollars of fines, which will help Florida cope with the fallout of the covid crisis and roll out vital cures.

Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak and the UK government could find themselves having to explain why they signed a ten year,multi billion pound contract with Moderna when it has gone bankrupt due to fines in the USA and its chief execs are in jail for mass murder.

We ll see how much American governors care about their voters and for Sunak when he is subpoened along with king Charles. Don t think they and the Brits will stand idly by while the Uk gov signals it intends to continue the genetic injection crime spree for at least ten years after so many deaths.

Of course, Florida, Belgain police have in the Greek proofs the possibility to order the immediate arrest of Gates, Soros, Bourla, the von der Leyens as they have been caught in the act of trying to murder a reporter again to destroy evidence. This justifies remanding them in custody. It is clear they can t be allowed to stay free to threaten witnesses,destroy evidence, flee etc

Trying to murder a person, also reporter is a potential death penalty sentence.

Top German virologist says COVID-19 pandemic is over

Famous German virologist Christian Drosten believes the coronavirus pandemic has ended and COVID-19 is now an endemic disease. And Justice Minister Marco Buschmann called for the last restrictive measures to be lifted.

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